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I continue to have a horrible experiences at 24 Hour Fitness. I have addressed this with the club with little success. I finally emailed their executive team and wanted to pass on the email addresses so that others could contact them also

Mark Smith, CEO: msmith@24hourfit.com

John Tovar, Senior VP Club Operations: JTovar@24hourfitness.com

Richard Boyd, Senior VP Business Development: RBoyd@24hourfit.com

Jane Borden, Senior VP Real Estate: JBorden@24hourfit.com

Tom Lapcevic, Executive VP Legal: TLapcevic@24hourfit.com

Lashaun Dale, VP Group X Creative: LDale@24hourfit.com

Mike Carney, VP Marketing: MCarney@24hourfit.com

Frank Napolitano President: FNapolitano@24hourfit.com

Patrick Flanagan, Executive VP and CFO: PFlanagan@24hourfit.com

Beth Taska, Executive VP Human Resources: BTaska@24hourfit.com

Karen Bakula, Communications and Public Relations: kbakula@24hourfit.com

oAEA Investors (24 Hour Fitness investment company): info@aeainvestors.com

General Mailbox: corpfit@24hourfit.com

This reviewer shared experience and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). This person is overall dissatisfied with 24 Hour Fitness. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I am not happy with my membership.I have tried to contact 24 Hour Fitness numerous times with no luck.

I want out of my membership. I'm happy to pay this months fee but I don't want to pay the remainder of my membership. The club isn't what we had hoped for. We were required to sign up before it opened in order to receive any kind of incentives.

Which I don't think was appropriate.

We have very few gym options in our area.I just want out!!


I have tried to cancel 4 times and am still being billed.I was supposed to have a free trial.

The gym was not kept...broken machines, no towels, dirty.

The CEO's email went through.Were you ready to get your money back?

to TC #1421219

Chris Roussos is the new ceo. Email is croussos@24hourfit.com


Is this list still up to date ?


Just joined- just asked for a cancellation after a week. The place in Plantation Florida is a total joke. It is dirty- disgustingly dirty


Chris Roussos is the new Ceo. Frank didn;t get the job.

Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #1311309

Hello I've been a member at Bally then, now 24 hour fitness for quite a few years....This evening (04-03-2017) I went to my regularly schedule (6:30) spinning class...Fifteen minutes (6:47) pm into the class the manager (Alphonso) came into the spin class with this woman looking for a available spinning bike, the class was full.I assumed he just sold her a membership, because he kept whispering in my ear quote (DO HIM THIS FAVOR.

After starting from the front of the class searching for a available bike he preceded to the back where I sitting. He passed by the whole class whom most also had no pass stopped at me and I was informed that I need to have a pass in order to be in the spinning class. I was then told to give up my seat to this woman. I hadn't heard a lot about you needing a pass to participate...Most of the time the class is not full so nobody really bothers to enforce this rule....

My problem with manager Alphonso is we were 15 minutes into the class if this woman wanted a bike in the class she should have gotten there on time! For me to have to have to get up gather my things and leave the class was totally embarrassing...There were other activities going on at the gym he could have introduced her too.

I understand he sells memberships too, but to keep a sale going at the expense of me or any other loyal member is unethical behavior.If this is the kind of problem solving and decision making skills Manager Alphonso intends to implement at 24 hour fitness, then I have to seriously question his leadership abilities?


Lance Bland


Mark Smith and Beth Taska both fired yesterday. 24 hour fitness is in financial trouble. More exec firings to come.

to Anonymous #1306330

Really Surprised Mark is out. Looks like Frank will finally become CEO. He and Mark go back to Town Sports.

to Anonymous #1306354

I wonder if Melissa and Lashaun will be let go too.

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